Vba excel validating data in cells

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Vba excel validating data in cells

They would have a commonly used list of functions that they know well, but also the skills and confidence to adapt to any situation requiring formulas.Ultimate VLOOKUP function guide The amazing SUMPRODUCT function Calculate time elapsed in days, hours and minutes 5 awesome date functions List of Excel functions Learn more advanced Excel formulas You cannot harness the power of Excel and use features such as filters, Pivot Tables and formulas if your data is not accurate.Instead of limiting users to a single selection, you can use a bit of programming, combined with the data validation list, and allow multiple selections.You can display all the selected items across a row, or down a column, or keep them in the same cell.You may use Excel daily, or maybe only casually, but one thing’s for sure—you’ve probably wished you knew more about this dynamic program. In it, you’ll learn ways to make your job easier and increase the sophistication of your data reporting and analyzing.Each session focuses on saving-you-time techniques, advanced “how-to’s,” exploring those previously “programmer only” features and more.Go to Insert | Name | Define and type a name Tax Rate, for example.

[Update]: Since posting this article on selecting multiple items from an Excel drop down list, I’ve added more articles on this topic.

The Text to Speech feature in Excel 2002 can really help speed up this process by reading selected data back to you for verification.

Each cell is highlighted as the value is spoken, and when you hear an error, you can stop to correct the error in that cell.

This tutorial shows the available settings, with an example of each setting.

You can create a drop down list of items to select in a cell, or group of cells.

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Here are a few links to updates: In the sample file, there are different examples of the code, with options for where the selected items are placed.

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