Sheree whitfield dating dr

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There are rumors circulatng that "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Sheree Whitfield is dating (or possibly already married) to inmate Tyrone Gilliams.

Many fans will remember Tyrone from his previous appearance on "RHOA" when he caused a feud between Sheree and Ne Ne Leakes.

And I got mesmerized because I haven’t seen her up close like that … It was like I got a flashback and I was like, ‘You’re better than I remember.’ Oh my gosh, it’s awesome.

As for who is in charge in the relationship, Bob is letting Sheree take the lead, saying he knows they still have issues, but they try to work around them.

Nonetheless Sheree is relying on Patti to help her find that “instant connection.” The butterflies, the tingles, which Sheree says she’s never had. Appropriately, Sheree selects a murky brown one that looks a turd. She’s definitely a woman that men are attracted to, but if she doesn’t let in love she’s gonna be the old woman in the shoe with 20 cats,” worries Patti. Unfortunately, the businessmen are not interested in She By She Might Sue You Boo Boo.

Instead Sheree hardened her exterior shell, along with her heart, and Patti dubs her a “crockpot woman,” because she’s so slow to warm up. #Chateau Sheree #Chateau No Way Patti asks Sheree to choose the crystal which most represents her relationship to Bob.

So we know little ways about each other, so how to maneuver. We ain’t been playing bumper cars, smashing them up. It was kind of a festive occasion and it was a bowling alley party.

So now drinks are involved, jokes are involved, different type of mood.

In fact, Sheree might as well come with a disclaimer: Court is my extracurricular activity! All the crystals turn black, the color of Sheree’s used and abused heart, then shatter into a million pieces.

, we have seen Sheree Whitfield hanging out with ex-husband Bob Whitfield, who even joined her and the cast on a trip to Jamaica. Here’s the thing, the previous relationship was so damaged.

We also see Bob getting a little flirty, kissing Sheree on the shoulder and Phaedra Parks’ holiday party. Two adults, we wouldn’t dare to venture into a relationship, but we are exploring each other’s company, I will say …

“Sheree and Bob have a lot of history together and they’ve decided to give it another try.

They’re working things out,” an insider tells All About the Tea.

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An unidentified person hit up Famelous with a tip on Whitfield's secret relationship with the convicted felon.