Ms access rowsource not updating

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If the combo box was bound to a field in your database table, it would update the value in the field each time a user selected a value; instead, we want to go to (search for) a record in the table that contains the selected combo box value.

To display values in our Microsoft Access combo box or list box we can use the Row Source Type and Row Source properties.

I checked msdn site and found that it is also possible to use a self-defined function for the combobox list population.

The easy part of this is the specification of the fact that Access will have to use that function: just enter the function name in the row Source Type property of the combo box, just the plain function name, without any = in front or () behind it. Refresh/Requery in the popup f Private Function custom Func Name(fld As Control, id As Variant, row As Variant, col As Variant, code As Variant) As Variant Dim rs As Recordset Set rs = Current Db. new query ...) Select Case code Case ac LBInitialize custom Func Name = True Case ac LBOpen custom Func Name = 1 Case ac LBGet Row Count custom Func Name = rs.

As the combo box does not update on it's own, I've tried forcing an update with Forms! The "Cancer History" subform contains a field named "Cancer Name".

The users dynamically generate queries in a form, and the results are shown in a listbox on the same form.

So far - I've built an app 100% code free but now I have hit a wall. Well - there are more than 2 fields but only 2 I care about in this issue. This would work in either situation (stand-alone form or sub-form in a navigational form). However - Set Property doesn't allow an update to Row Source. In a second related question - I have another form with 2 fields I care about: Risk Type and Risk Value. also if you design the navigation form you can work in the subform at the same time So put the subform in the navigation form and afterward you must open the navigation form in design view to edit the subform.

An event procedure is a procedure that runs in response to an event initiated by the user or program code, or triggered by the system. The After Update event will occur when the data in a record or in the control on a form has been updated. The issue with this is that the columns don't get formatted and excel reads everything as strings rather than the data type, whereas in the first method the data types are read correctly. Worksheets(1) xl App.visible = True str File = Current Project. Access Connection Set rs = Create Object("ADODB.recordset") With rs Set . 2 That method involves saving the query made dynamically to a saved query on click. OLEDB.4.0; Data Source=" & str File & ";" Set cn = Current Project. In the example shown below, you will see the code that is used to find a record after a user selects a record from the values contained in a Microsoft Access combo box: ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' ' The After Update event procedure used in ' ' the Find Customer combo box search. The data is updated when the control loses focus or when the user presses the Enter or Tab button on the keyboard.' ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Private Sub cbo Find Customer_After Update() 'Moves to Customer Name text box and 'finds the record of whatever name is selected in the combo box Do Cmd. With this example, you should choose to use an unbound combo box control on your form to allow the user to choose a value from the list (the combo box should have no control source associated with it).

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Now for the less easy part - MS requires a specific format for the function and a specific content. Record Count Case ac LBGet Column Width custom Func Name = -1 Case ac LBGet Value custom Func Name = rs. Record Count)(col, row) End Select End Function See msdn.row Source Type property and the link specific function code arguments on it.

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