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Stand-up star Dane Cook and three fellow comics--Jay Davis, Robert 'Bobby' Kelly and Gary Gulman--set out on a customized bus from Burbank, CA (destination: Boston, MA) on a 30-day, 20-gig, sold-out 'Tourgasm' of America.Highlights include: a rib-crunching scooter fall that nearly sidelines the headliner for the premier show at Sonoma State University; the first of many heated arguments between Jay and Bobby, this time over the fact that Jay won't join in the group's porn chats; a fish-tossing diversion with cutting consequences for Gary; and a trip up the Space Needle in Seattle before hitting the stage at Washington State University on Day 3.Can four comedians on a 30-day tour survive the pressures of the stage, their audiences and, most importantly, themselves?Find out in this hilarious half-hour docu-comedy series that follows Dane Cook and fellow comics Jay Davis, Robert 'Bobby' Kelly, and Gary Gulman on their 20-show "Tourgasm" tour as they share meals, jokes, and a bus while waging friendly competitions and not-so-friendly arguments.

COACH SABAN: This is a great venue we get an opportunity to play in.

Finally, after several months of this I found a woman who knew the guy, who had been there and who was willing to talk.

She gave me all the details and it turned out that all the people who had been witness to his confession were all performance artists who I had known.

Later, Dane and Bobby figure out how to lose a couple of female suitors on Bourbon Street.

Dane's latest malady (a nasty cold), combined with a Madison Square Garden commitment, detours him from Chicago to New York for a quick visit with his doctor.

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He had gone to this museum director who works in California and he had been horrified and made it known that he would never do it. So I thought I must be able to figure out who he was, someone who knew about this, or had known him and so on.